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Clean up with Mom Best you best me

Clean up with Richard’s mom

Richard already did several projects to clean up 1 ton of trash in the neighborhood. Richard’s mom was inspired by his idea and offered Richard a hand. During this day they not only cleaned up together but they also deepened the bond that they have.

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Watson Road Clean Up main pic

Loudoun County – Watson Rd Cleanup Project

Hello everyone, we just finished another cleanup project on Watson Rd in Leesburg, VA. This was Best You Best Me’s 5th cleanup project. Thank you so much, Amir Morad, Nathan Hartman, and Dean Morad for helping to clean up 340 lbs of trash in Loudoun County yesterday. Great job gentlemen!

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Richard Zaher with the Transplant brothers Riverside clean up

Riverside Cleanup with The Transplant Brothers

Going out to do a clean up is always a challenge but even more so when it’s supposed to rain. BYBM ended up going in the rain and cleaning up the riverside with Dave and Juan, also known as the transplant brothers. This was Best You Best Me’s 4th clean up this month.

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Richard Zaher shaking hands with Duane

Thanking Duane

Duane's van was stuck in the snow on Nov 15, 2018, in the back roads of Loudoun County. The heavy snowstorm had forced schools to shut, and homes were losing internet connection. Duane was on the road to repair an internet connection when he got stuck in the snow. Luckily Richard was there to help.

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Richard Zaher pulling out rusted drums from the stream at Oatland Mills Road

Drums out of Stream – Oatland Mills Road

During the first cleaning project from Best You Best Me ever, at Oatland Mills Road, Richard discovered a set of drums in the stream. Unfortunately, Richard didn’t have the right equipment with him, so he decided to come back the next day.

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Richar Zaher sitting in a car while it's raining

First clean up project: Oatland Mills Rd.

Richard Zaher decided to do his first Best You Best Me random act of kindness. He rented a truck from Home Depot and cleaned up Oatland Mills Rd yesterday. "We picked up 8 tires, a 32-inch flat screen TV, metal shelves, a countertop, cleaning products, pesticides, dog bed, plastic bags, and 10 bags of bottles and cans. We dropped it all off at Loudoun County Waste Management on Evergreen Mills Rd to be recycled." says Richard Zaher.

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