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Richard Zaher hugs man in McDowell County on his first visit

Discovering McDowell County

In an effort to help McDowell County, I contacted a pastor named Father Tony and drove out to Welch with a truck full of donations. We worked together for three days to help the residents of the poorest county in the United States.

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Serendipity in a snowstorm

Serendipity in a Snowstorm; Best You Best Me meets V Foundation

On February 20, 2019, I woke up in the early morning and saw that a snowstorm had just begun. I grabbed my jacket and went outside to see if anyone was stranded.

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Richard Zaher hugs a Mexican man in Mexico

We Surprised Students at a School in Mexico

When I visited Puerto Vallarta on a business trip, I observed that the city had two realities. One reality was that of the wealthy, who lived in luxury and comfort; while the other was that of most other people who struggled to make ends meet.

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Richard helps a homeless man in DC

Helping the homeless in Washington, DC

I traveled to Washington, DC, to spend time with homeless people and give them some money for food, shelter, and other necessities.

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Snowstorm with Jeremy

I Helped Out A Stranger In A Snowstorm

During a Snowstorm in Loundon County, Virginia, I got on the road looking for people who needed help. That's when I met Jeremy. His car slipped and crashed into the median; its axle and wheel were broken.

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Loudoun County Cleanup with Environmentalist Grek Campero

I talked with several people about the recent cleanups, including my friend Grek Campero. Grek is an environmentalist, so I thought he might be interested in joining me on the next one. When I told him about my mission, his eyes lit up. He was in!

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Clean up with Mom Best you best me

Cleaning up Loudoun County with my mom

After doing several cleanup projects, I spoke with my mother about them. She was eager to help, inspired by my idea of removing one ton of trash from Loudoun County. I was not surprised when my mom helped because she has always been a kind woman who works hard.

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Watson Road Clean Up main pic

Loudoun County – Watson Rd Cleanup Project

Dean Morad, his son Amir, and their friend Nathan Hartman joined me in cleaning Watson Road in Leesburg. It was a gratifying day; having friends by my side always makes cleanup projects especially rewarding.

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Richard Zaher with the Transplant brothers Riverside clean up

Riverside Cleanup with The Transplant Brothers

Dave and Juan (Transplant Brothers) joined me on a 1-ton Cleanup Project in Loudoun County. We ended up recycling over 320 lbs of trash. It was Best You Best Me's 4th cleanup in a month.

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Richard Zaher shaking hands with Duane

Snowstorm with Duane in Virginia. The Cable Guy Gets A Small Gift

I was doing cleanup work in the back roads of Loudoun County, VA, on a cold day during a snowstorm. The goal was to collect rusted car parts and a set of drums in the stream under the bridge.

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