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Serendipity in a Snowstorm

Best You Best Me meets V Foundation. On the morning of Wednesday, February 20th 2019, just as the sun was about to rise, Richard Zaher looked out of the window and saw there was a snowstorm outside. Richard thought someone could possibly use his help out there.

On February 20th 2019, a snowstorm hit … During a snowstorm there are many people who get stuck on the road with nowhere to go. Richard decided that he would go out and look for someone who could use his help. He drove off in his Jeep with towing equipment and shovel in the back. While driving around, Richard encountered a car that slid off the road into a ditch.

He stopped his car and asked the ladies if they needed some help. The ladies told him that they were on their way to a conference when the car slipped off the road.

Richard accessed the situation and used his shovel to clear the snow around the front tire of the car.

After clearing the snow around the tire, Richard used his towing equipment to connect it to the car and pull the car back on the road.

After helping the ladies get back on the road, they thanked Richard for all his effort and left for the conference where they were headed.

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