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Serving the Community: Q&A with a Police Officer

Stephan, a police officer from Leesburg, VA, has served with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office for the last 16 years. We crossed paths at the Leesburg Executive Airport, where he plays a pivotal role in maintaining safety. With just a few words spoken, it became evident that he is a remarkable individual. Getting to know him was a pleasure, and the interaction left a lasting impression on me. 

Most police officers, like Stephan, genuinely care about ensuring the safety of their communities. However, there have been recent news headlines about officers who did the opposite, betraying people’s trust. So, I thought it was a good time to share this story to remind us about the dedicated officers who are truly devoted to their duty. 

Stephan’s journey into law enforcement reflects his commitment to helping others. In the early 1990s, he witnessed a tragic accident that claimed the lives of several children, leaving him feeling helpless. 

I knew nothing about basic medical care treatment. And I just felt completely helpless, standing there. It's a terrible feeling. Looking back, there was nothing I couldn't do that day, but that gave me a passion for wanting to help others in times when they weren't in a good place.

A similar experience occurred later in Beirut, where he was in the midst of a bombing attack. These events launched him on the road to personal empowerment. Shortly after, he began volunteering with the fire department, became a paramedic, and pursued an E.M.T. training. When he couldn’t find a job, he realized that joining law enforcement was the nearest path to his purpose of protecting people. 

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In the interview, we discovered moving stories of heroism that highlighted the bravery of police officers. Stephan vividly describes the challenges and the beauty of police work. He also advises young individuals to always chase their dreams and passions, emphasizing that pursuing a career in law enforcement not only offers professional growth but also enables them to make a positive impact on their communities. 

We also discussed the changing public perception of police officers and the unfortunate negativity that has tarnished their image. But it’s not all that bad, at least in the streets of Leesburg; Stephan gets recognition every day, more than he feels he deserves. 

In a world where negativity dominates headlines, let us shine a spotlight on individuals like Stephan – who serve our communities, seeking no accolades and facing daily dangers. Their dedication deserves our acknowledgment and support. It’s always the right time to celebrate them.

Here you can listen to the whole interview:

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