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Helping People in Need. The Story of Gerald Brown

The story of Gerald Brown is one of ups and downs, addiction, and getting back on two feet. Richard, along with the contractor, Philip, and Gerald's brother, decided to help the man fix the house. Unfortunately, not all things went as planned.

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McDowell County Food Drive and Event on June 3, 2022

BYBM is proud to announce the 2022 McDowell County Food Drive and Event. The event will be held at Sacred Heart Church in Powhatan, WV. Please join us at the event or donate online to this project. 100 percent of your donation will go to the people we serve.

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Donating food to Loundoun county

Donating Food to Charity – Helping the People of Loudoun County

The holiday season is the perfect time to spread kindness and think about others. That is why Richard decided to donate food and vouchers for the supermarket to the Loudoun Hunger charity together with his children.

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Powhattan food and supplies drive team

Powhattan McDowell County Food and supplies drive

The 2021 Food and Supplies drive was a huge success! Special thanks to everyone that helped. This was a group effort, and we could not have done it without the help and support of all the kind people and organizations that went above and beyond.

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Return to McDowell County

The Best You Best Me team returned to McDowell County with ProJet Aviation to distribute a truck full of food, clothes, and supplies on June 11. Thanks to AVS Audio and Video, Recycle Life, and all the donors, volunteers, Father Tony and the wonderful folks in McDowell county who made the trip a success. Learn more on how you can help.

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Richard Zaher hugs man in McDowell County on his first visit

Discovering McDowell County

In an effort to lend help to McDowell County, Richard got in touch with a local pastor, Father Tony, and drove out to Welch, McDowell County with a truck full of food supplies. You can hear from the wonderful people of Welch in their own words about the challenges they are facing and what help they need. Learn more on how you can help.

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Serendipity in a snowstorm

Serendipity in a Snowstorm

Best You Best Me meets V Foundation. On the morning of Wednesday, February 20th 2019, just as the sun was about to rise, Richard Zaher looked out of the window and saw there was a snowstorm outside. Richard thought someone could possibly use his help out there.

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Richard Zaher hugs a Mexican man in Mexico

Mexico – With Love from the USA

During a short visit to México, Richard thought it would be nice to find some people that may be going through some difficulties that can use some kindness and maybe a little bit of money to help them out. He hired a driver, Alejandro, who helped as a translator.

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Richard helps a homeless man in DC

Helping the homeless in DC

Richard Zaher goes to DC to find some homeless people, talk to them, learn more about them, and to help them with some money.

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Snowstorm with Jeremy

Snowstorm with Jeremy

Richard was looking for people who needed help during a snowstorm on January 12th, 2019 in Loudoun County, Virginia. Jeremy had just finished work and was on his way home when his car slipped and crashed into the median and broke the axle of his car. One of his front wheels was also jammed into the body of the vehicle.

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