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Riding ATVs and UTVs in the Appalachian Mountains

The last few times I've been to West Virginia with Best You Best Me, I've been admiring the Appalachian Mountains. That's where I heard about the Hatfield-McCoy ATV Trails.

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Powhatan 2022 Food Drive Group Picrure (2)

Kindness and stories of hope in McDowell County

For the last several years, BYBM has visited McDowell with one goal: to help improve the lives of residents. Each time, we strive to create a bigger and better event than the last.

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The Story of Gerald Brown

I first met Gerald on the stairs of the abandoned building near the Church where we organized the Powhatan 2021 Food Drive & Event. Two weeks after the event, Gerald was still on my mind.

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Donating food to Loundoun county

Helping the People of Loudoun County

In December 2021, Leesburg Executive Airport and ProJet Aviation were collecting donations for the Loudoun Hunger Relief charity. My three sons and I decided to join in on the effort.

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Powhattan food and supplies drive team

Donating Food, Supplies, and Love in McDowell County

The story of our third trip to McDowell County, West Virginia. On the mission of kindness, we shared food, supplies, and friendship with those who needed it most.

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Return to McDowell County

This is the story of our second trip to McDowell, West Virginia. On June 2019, BYBM and Projet Aviation traveled to the poorest county in the United States to share food, supplies, and love with those who needed it most.

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Richard Zaher hugs man in McDowell County on his first visit

Discovering McDowell County

In an effort to help McDowell County, I contacted a pastor named Father Tony and drove out to Welch with a truck full of donations. We worked together for three days to help the residents of the poorest county in the United States.

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Serendipity in a snowstorm

Serendipity in a Snowstorm; Best You Best Me meets V Foundation

On February 20, 2019, I woke up in the early morning and saw that a snowstorm had just begun. I grabbed my jacket and went outside to see if anyone was stranded.

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Richard Zaher hugs a Mexican man in Mexico

We Surprised Students at a School in Mexico

When I visited Puerto Vallarta on a business trip, I observed that the city had two realities. One reality was that of the wealthy, who lived in luxury and comfort; while the other was that of most other people who struggled to make ends meet.

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Richard helps a homeless man in DC

Helping the homeless in Washington, DC

I traveled to Washington, DC, to spend time with homeless people and give them some money for food, shelter, and other necessities.

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