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Mexico – With Love from the USA

During a short visit to México, Richard thought it would be nice to find some people that may be going through some difficulties that can use some kindness and maybe a little bit of money to help them out. He hired a driver, Alejandro, who helped as a translator.

When visiting Puerto Vallarta for a business trip, Richard noticed that the city had two realities, a wealthy one and a poor one. While traveling to his hotel, he noticed a lot of poor and struggling people. Richard felt sad about all the poverty that he saw. The poverty that he witnessed became even more apparent when he arrived at his hotel. The hotel that he stayed at was one of the fanciest places he ever visited. He was amazed by the immense luxury and service that it offered. But after seeing the poverty of the city, he was not interested in all the fanciness around him. 

During breakfast, Richard decided that he wanted to be helpful to a few people in the area by offering some kind words of encouragement and to help them with some cash. He asked one of the waiters from the hotel for help. Richard told him that he wanted to help the people in the poorest part of the city and if he knew someone that could help him get there and talk to the people. The waiter was amazed by Richard’s initiative and told him that there are certain areas that are very poor which we normally do not see. The waiter said that he would make sure that he finds someone that could accompany him.  Within 10 minutes Richard was introduced to Alejandro, who would drive him to the poorest part of Puerto Vallarta. Before they left the hotel, Richard converted 1.000 dollars into Pesos and took another 2.000 dollars with him, so that he could hand out the money to the people who are in need. 

Richard and Alejandro left at 10am and came back 7 hours later on a trip that they both will never forget. 

Richard Zaher hugs a man from Mexico

While driving around the city Richard talked with Alejandro the entire time. Richard was overjoyed to find out that Alejandro was such a wonderful person. He couldn’t have found a better person to spend the day with. 

Alejandro took Richard to the slums where they looked for people that they could help with a little bit of kindness. After handing out money to numerous people on the streets, Alejandro took Richard to a school for children in one of the poorest parts of Puerto Vallarta. 

Alejandro talked to one of the teachers and told her about Richard’s plan to hand out money to the children. She was delighted about his plan and invited Richard into the school. After a small introduction, Richard gave money to all the children and the teacher, to help them and their families. Richard gave the teacher extra money with the message that it was money for the school for whatever they need to educate the children. He said to the children that at one time Richard himself was too poor to afford a school uniform when he was in elementary school. He told the kids that they have the ability to change their life with hard work, honesty and treating others well. The children were so charmed by Richard that they met his kindness with a big group hug. Afterwards, the teacher told Richard that it rarely happens that someone comes by and gives the children support, even though they and their families really need it.

Richard Zaher hugging with kids from a Mexican school

After visiting the school Richard continued giving money to people in the poor part of Puerto Vallarta. He met amazing people that were so grateful for the money that Richard handed out. At the end of the day Richard was glowing with happiness. He thanked Alejandro for all his help and told him that he was wonderful to work with and paid him extra specifically to buy his children some nice gifts.

The next day, while traveling back to the airport, Richard could still feel all the positive energy surging through his body. While waiting for his plane, Richard felt tears rolling over his cheeks, not of sadness, but tears of joy. While flying back Richard felt so grateful for the kind memories that he made. Memories that he will never forget.

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