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Riding ATVs and UTVs in the Appalachian Mountains

The last few times I’ve been to West Virginia with Best You Best Me, I’ve been admiring the Appalachian Mountains. That’s where I heard about the Hatfield-McCoy ATV Trails.

Hatfield and McCoy’s trails include ten different trail systems, and it’s expanding each year. The 1,000 miles of trails spread through several counties—including McDowell County, a place that means a lot to me.

Since my wife and I enjoy ATV riding in Virginia, I thought that a ride with our family down West Virginia trails would be a great way to experience the state. They said yes, and we soon started planning.

First off, we had to book a place several months in advance. We booked cabins, but you can also secure RV sites, hotels, or bed and breakfasts. The trail continues to expand, and more accommodation is being built yearly. Next, we decided to rent UTVs ( also known as side-by-sides) at the location. They can hold between two and four passengers and offer a layer of safety and comfort compared to ATVs, which are designed for one person.

And lastly, to make the six-hour trip easier for our four kids, we rented an RV for $300 a day. The Ashland Resorts, where we had reservations, told us we were welcome to park the van in their parking lot. They even had water and electric outlets for RVs. This made our drive there and back so much more fun and less stressful.

In West Virginia, we rented two UTVs for $500 a day and hired a guide to show us the best locations for an additional $300 per day. He knew the trails like the back of his hand and was very helpful with our kids. In the two days of our stay, we experienced many routes, each offering a unique brand of excitement and a distinctive atmosphere. If you feel super adventurous and prefer to ride solo, hop on the ATV and explore without a guide. It helps that trails are marked, The green circles indicating the easiest and double black diamonds the most difficult ones. The second ones bring the most spectacular scenery.

The adventure was picture-perfect. Kids had fun playing, exploring, and connecting with nature. We adults enjoyed it equally. Mother had never driven an ATV or UTV before, but she got the hang of it after only a few minutes. The adrenaline rush from conquering steep hills was exciting, but so was the serenity of nature. We admired lakes, crossed bridges and creeks, and took in panoramic views of river-laced mountains. And as always, we enjoyed meeting the beautiful and kind people of West Virginia.

The towns in the area are ATV-friendly and part of the adventure. This is where you’ll be able to find historic buildings that have been turned into museums or taste some Appalachian specialties.

People often come to this part of West Virginia for nature but return home with much more. New friends, more profound knowledge of the Appalachian culture, and a greater appreciation of the world.

The Hatfield-McCoy Trails project aims to promote economic development in areas hit by the loss of jobs and several floods. By spending your vacation here, you help the local economy.

We hope our story will encourage you to visit Wild and Wonderful West Virginia and fall in love with this lovely state.

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